The Boomerang Effect

found in: Antique Jewellery


You definitely know you have been in the business a long time when you acquire a piece of jewellery that was originally sold by the family business almost 60 years ago! My late Father of Harvey and Gore Jewellers, London, sold this magnificent Bow Brooch in 1962, I have now repurchased it and I currently have it in my stock.

it looks stunning on a dark item of clothing…

The piece of jewellery dates from the Edwardian era (1901–1910) which today is one of the most sought-after periods. These pieces are delicately designed, usually set in platinum and mounted with small round stones. The artistic beauty is most notable making them extremely eye-catching and identifiable.

This particular piece was created circa 1910 and is in the form of an openwork, platinum mounted Bow Brooch set throughout with brilliant cut and rose cut diamonds. The design of floral clusters and leaf motifs sit between the struts of platinum bars. It measures 70mm across and almost 70mm in height and looks stunning on a dark item of clothing. When not in wear it sits in its original case. The brooch fitting is detachable to enable the bow to be worn as a pendant or indeed on a tiara frame. The two drops are hinged to give the bow movement in wear.

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