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1950’s Boucheron Sapphire & Diamond Earrings



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  • A fine pair of vintage Boucheron floral clip earrings created in their London workshop in the 1950’s. Beautifully designed as a five petalled flower in 18 carat yellow gold with a central cluster of precious stones. This comprises a brilliant cut diamond surrounded by well matched Ceylon sapphires. Signed Boucheron London and  fitted in the original Boucheron case. The clip fittings are original although a post could be fitted for additional security in wear.
  • Measures 20mm across.
  • Made in the 20th century, English circa 1950.

Kashmir and Ceylon sapphires are considered to be the best because of their softness of colour ranging from a pale to medium blue. Out of the two, Kashmir sapphires are considered the most rare and valuable. Both were used in many antique and vintage pieces of jewellery. Today, the modern sapphires are mined in Australia and are considerably darker in colour than either the Kashmir or Ceylon sapphire. Unfortunately the practise of heat treating modern sapphires in order to create the revered colour of a Kashmir or Ceylon stone can mislead an untrained eye.

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