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Cufflinks are King

    My love for cufflinks is well known in the trade But I will only acquire them if they meet the grade With nearly 100 styles to choose from,… Read more »

Five weeks after lockdown…

    On Tuesday March 17th I “shut up shop” in Grays Antique Centre (London) not knowing when I would return. Luckily, I have my website to enable me to… Read more »

Sale Rooms and auction Houses

  People often ask me whether they would be better off buying direct from the sale-room rather than from a retailer like myself? Buying direct does not guarantee you a… Read more »

Signed pieces, Cartier.

  Amongst the 200 or so items of jewellery dating from 19th to mid 20th century which I specialise in, I have a number of vintage signed pieces by makers… Read more »